BlockDag Network

BlockDAG, inspired by Bitcoin and Kaspa, is the world’s most advanced layer 1 blockchain. A cutting-edge Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm that delivers industry.


BlockDAG coin (BDAG) has a supply of 150 billion coins, a testament to its exclusivity and value preservation.


66% Community Allocation

With 98.5 billion coins set aside, BlockDAG prioritizes its community, rewarding miners and funding initiatives for a robust ecosystem and seamless trading experience. This allocation represents our commitment to everyone who uses, promotes, and sees BlockDAG’s potential.

33% Presale Allocation

Before our coins are available to the wider public, our crypto presale offers early supporters an exclusive opportunity to back our vision, often at a preferential rate. It’s more than an initial fundraiser; it’s about building a dedicated community.


1% Team Allocation (Locked)

We dedicate 1.5 billion coins to our team, locked to align with BlockDAG’s long-term goals, showcasing our commitment to project success and team motivation.


Welcome to the heart of the BlockDAG Network – our Tokenomics.

Through a meticulous blend of strategy and foresight, we have designed a system that ensures transparency, rewards commitment, and lays the foundation for sustained growth.


Coin Supply 50,000,000,000 (50 Billion) - in presale

BlockDAG Coin (BDAG) stands out with a total supply of 150 billion coins, underscoring its rarity and commitment to maintaining value. At BlockDAG Network, we’ve implemented a halving event every 12 months, further solidifying our commitment to maintaining scarcity and value. Setting a limit on our coin supply helps us manage growth responsibly, avoid excessive inflation and create a stable environment for our community.


Community Allocation 98,500,000,000 (98.5 Billion) - 66% of Max Supply

The Pillar of BlockDAG: We’ve reserved a major portion for our community because we believe in its power. This allocation represents our commitment to everyone who uses, promotes, and envisions the network’s potential.

Miners (78.8 billion coins or 80% of Community Coins): Rewards for those crucial to our network’s operation.

Community Building & Ecosystem (14.8 billion coins or 15% of Community Coins): Investments in strengthening and enriching the BlockDAG community.

Liquidity Pool (4.9 billion coins or 5% of Community Coins): To ensure smooth and stable trading experiences.

Presale Allocation 50,000,000,000 (50 Billion) - 33% of Max Supply

Early Believers, Core Community: Before our coins are available to the wider public, our presale offers early supporters an exclusive opportunity to back our vision, often at a preferential rate. It’s more than just an initial fundraiser; it’s about building the cornerstone of our community.


BlockDag Presale is Live

BlockDAG is a Layer 1 proof of work consensus mechanism that evolves the crypto sphere with a cutting-edge Directed Acyclic Graph structure building on the foundations of Bitcoin & Kaspa


Build the Future with BDAG coins

Launch Phase
  • To develop a P2P engine and implement algorithms that deal with the establishment of the infrastructure of the project.
  • Optimize the workflows, research, and design the UI concerning the user research and practice exploration for Blockchain Explorer.
  • To develop the UI design for the X1 mining Application, define the layouts and user interface.
  • Conduct the testing of applications, audit BDAG Smart contracts, and execute marketing strategies, including 10% referral bonuses for investors.
Development Phase
  • Integration of proof of work consensus mechanism and protocols for node communication.
  • Implement data structuring algorithms, UI-based framework deployment, and modular architecture design.
  • Create onboarding screens and other functionalities and develop user flows and UI components.
  • Production of BDAG-optimized mining hardware, forming partnerships with tech providers & updating the BDAG community to ensure better consumer relationships.
Pre-Launch Phase
  • Developing a command line for direct blockchain interactions, EVM, and wallet integration through the Meta Mask method.
  • Incorporate visuals, testnet faucets, and detailed documentation for tokenomics.
  • Enable wallet functionalities and focus on mainnet development and beta testing.
  • Establish a technical support team to analyze testing and conduct training sessions.
Final Phase
  • Launch the development network for initial testing for security audits and avoid bugs.
  • Conduct external beta testing, implement BlockDAG scanner features, and add support for NFT smart contracts.
  • Developing customizable settings for the X1 miner app, determining the presale, releasing mining software, and promoting the X1 miner app.

Why BlockDAG?

BlockDAG is one of its types that deals with layer 1 blockchain technology, allowing scalable thorough output and high confirmation speed. With the robust DAG protocol, BlockDAG doesn’t experience orphan blocks during transactions to its ledger without compromising security.

The BlockDAG model’s simplicity makes it user-friendly and provides multiple layers of security that other Proof of Stake coins cannot claim. BlockDAG’s holistic approach allows parallel processing of transactions, increasing transparency compared to traditional linear models. It is a whole ecosystem of decentralized solutions with higher-level development like Solana, BNB Ripple, etc.